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Position Fixing Nut Usage

The MiniTec Framing System profiles assemble quickly and easily to each other using the Power-Lock fastener.  Using Position Fixing Nuts is a convenient, time saving method when attaching items to a section of profile.

Design Example

In this example, a length of _____ aluminum angle stock is attached to a section of 20.1063 45 x 45 Profile using xx.xxxx Position Fixing Nuts.  There are many reasons one would want to do this.  For instance, a custom hole pattern could be drilled in the angle so that a sensor or other device might be attached.

Drill an appropriate number of holes in the angle.  Insert a position fixing nut for each hole into the t-slot of the 45 x 45 profile.  Position them so that they line up with the holes drilled in the angle.  The nut can be easily positioned by nudging it along the slot and will stay where positioned.  For this size angle, a M_x__ screw is used to fasten the angle to the profile.  The __ length ensures a secure connection of this size angle without bottoming out in the t-slot.