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What is MiniTec Used For?


Solutions created using the MiniTec Profile System are used to meet a wide variety of needs in many environments. The system has found a home in general industry, manufacturing, heavy industry, research/experimental projects, and around the home shop. Many find it useful as structural framing to build around, while others create things using the linear motion and/or conveying components. Some solutions are created using only a few pieces, while others are much more complex. Common applications are listed below. Please remember, we are here to help you create a solution for your unique need. Our team has years of experience creating with the MiniTec Profile System.

  • Machine Frames
  • Fixtures
  • Enclosures
  • Machine Guarding
  • Gantry Systems
  • Structural Framing
  • Linear Motion Systems
  • Exhibit Displays
  • Safety Fencing
  • Work Tables
  • Production Carts
  • Material Racks
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