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Panel Concepts

Openings in a MiniTec structure can be filled with wire mesh or one of many plastics options.  The designer can select the material that best fits the need as they relate to safety or aesthetics. Examples include safety fencing, machine guarding, and windows.  There are several methods used to attach the panel to the frame ranging from simply sliding the material into the profile grooves to using panel attachment hardware.  A variety of sealing profiles are also available.  Below are images of several examples to aid the designer in creating his or her own solutions.  Should you need assistance in solving a particular challenge, please contact us for assistance.

Design Tip – Power-Lock Orientation Matters

Orientation of the Power-Lock Fastener matters when assembling profiles in a panel application.  Referencing the image above, let’s discuss a two panel scenario, creating a frame with a double window.  First, on the bottom, the Power-Lock is oriented with the body pointing down so that it will not interfere with the panel as it is inserted into the profile grooves.  At the top, the body of the Power-Lock is oriented pointing up so that it will not interfere with the bottom.  This created a situation with the top panel.  The body of the Power-Lock in that middle profile will interfere with the panel to be inserted in the top section.  The solution to avoiding that interference is to notch the plastic panel.  Completing the frame, orient the body of the Power-Lock to the top.  There will be no interference at the top in this orientation.

Example 1 – Safety Fencing

Parts used in this example:

Example 2 – Frame with Plastic Panel with Sealing Insert

Parts used in this example:

Example 3 – Attachment of a Removable Panel

Parts Used in This Example