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Cutting MiniTec Profiles

Most aluminum profiles in the MiniTec Profile System are available from the factory in 6m (236.22 inches) sticks.  For almost every project, these profiles must be cut to length, while some projects require tapping or machining.  We are a full service distributor, equipped to perform any required processing in-house.  Read on for information about our processing capabilities and what you need to know as you consider processing aluminum profiles at your facility.  

Processing done at our facility

We offer the full line of processing available for the MiniTec Profile System – cutting, tapping, and machining. Our cuts are performed on a heavy duty saw made for cutting aluminum, which means we are able to accurately cut profiles with a consistent, flat end. Should you need an item requiring tapping or machining, we have the equipment and craftsman to perform those services. We recommend most customers allow us to deliver profiles processed by us to ensure the best quality and ease of assembly.

Processing done at your facility

While most customers have us process their profiles, some want to order full sticks or box quantities of aluminum profiles for use at their facility. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are considering processing your MiniTec profiles:

(1) Always follow shop safety rules. Power tools are inherently dangerous and sharp edges can cut hands.

(2) Measure twice, cut once.  We suggest a carbide-tipped blade or fibrous cutting wheel in your chop saw.

(3) Make square cuts. A square cut is needed for proper assembly when using the Power-Lock Fastener to join two sections of profiles together, .

(4)  Deburr areas as needed around cuts or grooves exposed from covered profiles using the tear-out tool.

(5)  Certain products require machining.  For example, miters and butt fasteners.  Contact us to obtain the information required specific to your item.